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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Polygamy again


Texas Polygamist Guilty In Sex Assault On Child
by The Associated Press
AP - November 5, 2009

Bear in mind that I have no problems of any type with polygamy.

I do think the manner of polygamy sponsored by FLDS and earlier by the regular Mormons is sexist in that women, it would seem, never managed to have multiple husbands. It was just the men with multiple wives, sorta like a pride of lions.

That is, however, a social problem for the FLDS women to manage.

Nonetheless, if a church wants to sanction multiple spouses in some manner, more power to them. As I see it, who one loves and how many one loves is not really a matter for the state to regulate.

However, I suspect the IRS would have some challenges with the tax rates if the state went down that road. Of course, taxes could be made a whole lot simpler with a very little Googly thinking, and I'll be glad to lend my expertise in that matter as needed.

Notice that I'm not going to sit by the phone until the IRS calls.

My problem arises when children are involved. I really don't give a rat's bohuncus about how many spouses you want, but I do care that each of those spouses is of sufficient age to give consent.

Granted, we understand that pepole mature at different rates, and there might be the occasional 14 yo out there who can think through an offer of polyamorous matrimony.

Most can not.

To that end, we pick a reasonable age for consent, and 18 seems to be it in this corner of the world. Bed one earlier, and there's a substantial penalty involved.

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