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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I suppose if I have a favorite in-room hotel coffee, it's the brand called LavAzza, though my personnal spelling and pronouciation is LavaTazza, and yes, I would use the camel-case.

It's probably the thick mugs that get and hold my attention. There's something about holding steaming coffee in a thick mug with both hands while breathing the steam that is nearly a primal pleasure for me.

The guilt comes here.

The coffee comes in these little single serving packets. I suspect the price per serving is obscene, which is why this pot has never made it to my house.

Here's a used and new packet. Yeah, I'm going for the scond cup this morning.

I wonder how long that little plastic tray holds up. Surely not long under regular use.

The thing is that this hotel proudly servers Starbucks coffee, and I loathe Starbucks coffee. French burnt nasty mess in a cup would be a better name.

Of course, this will present quite the challenge when I head downstairs for breakfast in about 30 minutes.

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