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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fried chickpeas!

I am so going to fry me some chickpeas this weekend. The recipe calls for a can, drained and rinsed, fried in three cups of canola oil in a heavy pot. Sprinkle in some odd spices that I'll omit, salt to taste, and chow down.

Add the chopped parsley if you choose.

I'll be changing that recipe a little. First, I'll used chickpeas that were dried. It'll add a few hours to the prep, but most of that can happen over night.

The frying will occur in my iron pot, but I'm thinking it'll be olive oil.

We'll forego the odd spices. I like chickpeas just as they are. Well, I might add some butter, but you could see that coming, I'm sure.

And I doubt I'll have any chopped parsley. It's just not something I keep around the house.

Who knew riding Southwest could be such culinary delight.

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