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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fox fact checks Palin?

WATCH: Fox Fact-Checks Palin's Coin Conspiracy Theory HuffPost - http://bit.ly/3GxCE0

First, I would like to know how anything in the phrase "In God we trust" is specifically Christian. That phrase is deist, not Christian. Note that Christian is a subset of deism, and a sad subset at that.

There are days I wish Jesus would return and set all this mess straight!

Second, the day Fox has to fact check is surely a day to pause and think. And surely a day that a dying hurricane will turn extratropical and become a nor'easter.

Oh yeah, I could just spit. Besides, the frickin' Bush administration put that coin design in place.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard. You found misspellings? Imagine that. Get over it.

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