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Monday, November 2, 2009

The fellow whose dinner I ate

As I left the restaurant, I paused for a brief chat with the fellow whose dinner wound up on my table by accident, which I then proceeded to eat because I was so hungry.

He seemed mostly over it and able to smile, but he asked if I got a discount on my dinner for the mistake.

It would never occur to me to ask for one over such a mistake. The waitress honestly confused two single male diners sitting within a very few feet of one another.

The need to punish simply for the sport alarms me, though I see it often. Such attitudes only serve to poison the workplace. Peeps expecting some form of retribution for every mistake soon learn to do very little, all the while looking over their shoulders.

They also spend a lot of time and energy in practiced finger pointing.

What did I do about my dinner tab? I left her the usual tip and charged the tab to my room. Nothing out of the ordinary.

A good recovery trumps a good performance every time.

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