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Friday, November 6, 2009

Do you like my hat?

It was art day at work. At four, the peeps assembled to display their artsie sides.

There are some interesting surprises hiding there.

And they're good to see. I've always felt that when we exercise the one side of of intellect, the other side grows stronger also. We become stronger and more well-rounded people.

More companies should sponsor development that is not directly and overtly tied to the day job. Management might just find they get more bang for the buck from the peeps.

I did not have anything in the show because I didn't expect to be there because of travel for work. However, I did get there for the last half of the show. Sometimes I get lucky.

So why are we here?

Months ago, a few of us went out for a Saturday to knock around a park and then find lunch. After lunch, we hit a thrift shop in which I tried on a hat a la Minnie Pearl.

An IT peep took the pic, and then spruced it up.

It sold in the charity auction. I tried to buy it, but another person outbid me.

That's another $21 to put food before the scared and hungry. I'm cool with that.

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