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Friday, November 6, 2009

The dancing mermaid

One of the more prolific artists who works with us brought this pic to the art show today.

I don't know why she bothers to work with us, but it's likely the money. If she ever figures how to make the art pay it's way, I suspect she'll be gone before we can say goodbye.

I'd do the same thing.

She's currently smitten with pictures that fit with some pithy statement. This example is one of several she brought today.

However, I had to challenge her on the mermaid's tubetop.

I've known a good many mermaids in my long and tortured life on this oft pathetic planet, and not one has ever sought to fetter the girls.

A tendril of hair or an errant bubble is about as close as we ever get to that, and I doubt any thing more would ever be possible.

She hung her hat on being shy, and I had to call that for what it was. She cast her eyes downward.

I suspect she censored herself for the sake of particularly valued people in her life, and I'm cool with that as a practical matter; it's something we all do, though I hope she'll let go of it one day.

Imagine her artistry when she sets it free.

This reminds me of the Right of the Unfettering from the Thomas Covenant novels. Chant it with me: Free. Unfettered. Free.

I do so look forward to this talented gal finding her way and making her mark on this world. I encourage no one to come between her and that destiny. You'd find it a precarious and assuredly unhealthy place to be.

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