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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Conference goodies

I just registered for the conference. This place is huge, and it took a while to find the registration table.

There were a few before me. Being the early bird is not so much about getting the worm. It's about not waiting in lines.

If I can't be about first, I want to be about last.

Typical of most conferences, attendees receive a bunch of goodies. These goodies are opportunities for the vendors to advertise themselves and what we do.

Here's some of the better stuff with our competitor's name blocked. (If they want some ad space on this blog, they are welcome to purchase it.)

First up, the conference bag. Very black.

Next, some Post-it notes. I'm still jealous of that inventor. It took him ten years to get the glue right and then to sell the idea.

And a notebook. I once worked a parttime season for the folks who paid for this goodie.

A ball point pen.

This water bottle might be useful on the planes, saving my clients some $10 to $20 per flight. We'll see. That tap water became a little gross as it warmed yesterday.

And I'll need to obscure that competitor's name somehow.

And here's a luggage tag.

And finally the thing from my company. A USB thumb drive.

I can use those by the thousands. Our new logo works well on that white background.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard. You found misspellings? Imagine that. Get over it.


Diane Schabinger said...

Are those Power Ranger boots you are wearing?

Personally I think the jump drive is the best of all :)

Jim Penny said...

Those boots be my Sunday-go-to-meeting cowboy boots. The elevated heel makes the faciitis relax a little. The pointy toes present their own probs. I've worn them some 10 or so years now, through several bottoms.

As I tell the ladies, I'm in heels too.

But now that I think, maybe what I need is some boots to help form Voltron.