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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Breakfast with the gentleman from dinner

I went down for breakfast about the same time as the fellow whose dinner I are last night. This time we sat at the same table.

I didn't eat his breakfast, and we had the daughter of the waitress from last night waiting on us.

We had a good chat. He's in Austin for an interview. He already works for the company, and this is just a get aquainted visit.

There's a house hunting trip planned for this afternoon.

He seemed a reasonable fellow, and he did that thing I do when shaking hands, suggesting that the thing was southern in origin. (It was not for me.)

On parting, he called me by name. Although he had introduced himself, I could not recall his name. I couldn't even pick it from a list. I'm really bad with names, which I hear is a career-limiting trait.

If true, that's a sad surface feature.

Anywho, last night, he, like me, was tired from the travel and, in his case, the interview.

We're not on our best behavior under those conditions, and the people I work with have seen most of the ugly I have to offer then.

Is there more compelling reason for regular naps?

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