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Monday, November 2, 2009

Boredom on a plane

We're at 40,000 feet. You'd think it might be smooth at this altitude, but not today. We are near, but not in, the jet stream, which is swirling the slower air beside it, which in turn makes us bump.

At least that's what the pilots say as they asked the attendants to sit down for the third time.

Intermittently bumpy, which means I refrain from reading lest I puke on someone.

BTW, the attendant will kick your bohuncus if you loitter near the bathroom by the flight deck.

And now we can stand up again with 200 miles to go. What he didn't mention is that you'd better scoot if you're headed to that stinking toilet.

We'll be descending soon.

And this bathroom is about the worst I've smelled in a very long time.

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