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Monday, November 23, 2009

Another reason to loathe the American Thanksgiving

OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR: Animal, Vegetable, Miserable

The free-range turkey debate ignores whether it’s wrong to kill animals for human consumption at all.


I will not be attending the usual American Thanksgiving this week. I might order pizza, but I doubt even that.

This is not because I do not love those who would invite me over. This is not because I am not thankful for what I have.

Oh no.

It's because I have a choice. I loathe the grandstanding. Why do I need a day to be thankful? Might I not pray that prayer in June?

Y'all have fun. I'll be with you one day later.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard. You found misspellings? Imagine that. Get over it.

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VeggieAmanda said...

It certainly does ignore that! I hate the grandstanding of it all as well. I will be at a vegan Thanksgiving celebration, boycotting any sign of a turkey.