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Saturday, November 14, 2009

And we call ourselves civilized

Ohio Is First to Change to One Drug in Executions

Breaking ranks with the 35 other states, Ohio said it would switch from a three-drug cocktail.


As I've said before, I have little trouble with a person committing what we call murder in a moment of passion. Mess over one of my doodles, and I'll gladly demonstrate this position, and then accept the consequences.

What I cannot fathom is state-sponsored murder. That we kill people after months, if not years, of legal deliberation simply tells me that we remain barbarians. It's very simple.

And now Ohio takes it a step further.

Remember Socrates? Offered the choice between suicide by poison or lying for the Church?

Maybe we should make the bag guys drink poison.

We generally do not execute people by firing squad because we do not, generally, want to watch, and if you've ever fired a weapon, you know that you will know when the cartridge was a blank.

You cannot hide behind the not knowing you did it.

We do not stone because we do not want to throw the stones, though an exception appears to be in Somalia.

We don't want to hang the bad guys either. I suppose that's because of a repulsion to that falling sensation that can occur as we drift into sleep.

So what do we do?

Oh yeah, let's put the bad guys to sleep, and then kill them, but do we really know they're asleep, or are they just paralyzed, in agony, and unable to show it because they're paralyzed?

We will never know.

And there will never be the experiment that will answer that question.

Enter Ohio.

The good people there want to execute the bad guys using the same methodology often used used in pounds and vet offices to get rid of excess, or terminally ill, cats and dogs.

This will be better than the currently used triple drug concoction that states used to kill the bad guys, or so they say.

Or maybe it's just cheaper?

Does no one argue that the state might murder an innocent?Am I the only one who does? Surely, I am not alone here.

For the most part, we remain a culture of barbarians. Especially in Florida and Texas. Few, if any, states have chosen to rise above the stench of state-sponsored murder.

Bear in mind that a life sentence without parole is not much better, especially when applied to juvenile offenders. I do not have the magic bullet to solve this problem. I only know the current solution is wrong.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard. You found misspellings? Imagine that. Get over it.

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