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Friday, October 9, 2009

Yesterday's feets

When I hopped out of bed at 5:15 this morning, feets immediately reminded me of yesterday as the plantar faciia were jted out of complacency. The cowboy boots came with me, and they saw action with me in heels Thursday night, motivating the purchase of Alleve the next morning.

$10 for 20 liqui-jells from the hotel gift shop. Hay, someone's gotta pay for the free in-room coffee.

Well, it also didn't help that someone offended Mr. Right Sciatic Nerve at some point Thursday, with it's on-going nuclear explosions between knee and hip flexor.

Grandpa was feeling better by about five, but that might have been partly due to the olive in the Bloody Mary.

Anywho, we've retired the boots for the duration and brought out the sneaks. Poor boots! All snubbed and pushed back in the closet. And me without m'heels now!

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The Crow said...

Aren't those olives wonderful pain killers? Non-narcotic, too.


Jim Penny said...

There are times when I'm not sure I would continue without those olives.