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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yes, we are without shame

From The New York Times:

‘Boneless’ Wings, the Cheaper Bite

The once-lowly wing is selling at a premium over what has long been the gold standard of poultry parts, the chicken breast.


Oh, Lord, we are without shame.? I watched a peep send back his lunch ladt month because the wings he received were boneless, and he felt that the lack of bone disturbed his dining experience.

I felt it was just lunch, those calories that hold us together until we can find decent food.

Eat the freaking chicken fingers, bitch! But they didn't ask me.

This crapology is supposed to continue through the Super Bowl, which I will miss for a good day's sleep. The reruns will disturb my coffee.

Could I get some fries with that?With Ranch dressing?

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