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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wash your hands!

From The New York Times:

REALLY?: The Claim: Always Wash Your Hands With Hot Water, Not Cold.

Is warm or hot water really more effective than cold in preventing the spread of infections?


OK, this one is for all the peeps who slept through biology in the 9th and maybe the 10th grades. (It was 9th for me.)

You cannot hold your hands in water hot enough to kill germs. Well, if you really can do that, you're going to need medical attention for the severe burns.

In addition, might I add that most of us washed our privates before stepping out this morning. Given this and the fact that urine is, generally, sterile, we do not wash our hands because we just peed.

It's a freaking signal people! A signal to wash your hands periodically through the day. If you're properly hydrated, you're gonna pee about every hour.

There's your sign.

The germs are on the casual stuff in your life. Think door knobs and telephone handsets. Labia and penises are not generally harboring that many cooties unless your sex life is far better than mine.

This said, could organizations put little decent moisturizer in the bathrooms? That cheap liquid soap based on Granny Clampett's lye soap recipe will dessicate human skin, leaving bleeding cracks that capture my acute attention and probably a few germs.

Think Gold Bond CoQ10 or similar.

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