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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Walking in the desert

I'm in a golf resort in the middle of a desert. One of many such resorts in and around Palm Spring.

Think Myrtle Beach with a zero added to the price tag.

So I went for a little walk after work. My first venture was around the pool.

The many planters in that area contained birds of paradise and impatiens, not the New Ginea hybrid variety.

There's also Bermuda grass everywhere. It's an apparent requirement of the golfing community.

I suppose there's some form of addiction created when the cleats penetrate the turf.

To the front of the hotel, there's a cutout where one can step off the sidewalk to gaze upon the indigenous beauty.

Isn't it pristine?

So I noodled on out for a walk. It's kind of a guided tour.

Of course, you know me and rules. I kept on noodling, dodging two carts headed to the bar.

I should have brought fishing equipment.

And stepping closer at dear peril to errant golf balls.

Surely there are trout in there.

Last night, the evening sky was picturesque.

Today, storms rolled in from the west. Of course, the mountains squeeze out the moisture, which makes rain unlikely, but we do have wind that could present problems at the airport tomorrow.

The gray skies present depression this evening.

Perhaps the colors of the setting sun will change that. Perhaps they won't.

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