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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waiting for breakfast

It's almost six, and breakfast will be ready in another thirty minutes. I suspect you're already aware of my current state, given that we all know that no civilized endeavor begins before noon.

The in-room coffee just gurgled to announce it's ready to meet my urgent needs.

Ahh, coffee. When're good and right, there's not much better. Even with Jonathon Frakes reading about the Minoans on PBS.

We're in the Grand Hyatt by the harbor in Baltimore, not too shabby.

One thing all these hotels have in common is a design to extract money at every turn. A shot of Jack from the mini bar is nine bucks. Want a splash if Coke to go with it? Five more bucks. That double Jack and Coke will run some $25 with taxes.

Do not think the hotel bar will be much cheaper. They are very proud of their drinks. The food too.

The thing that troubles me is that we grow numb to the money flying out very quickly, and the $35 room service bacon and eggs is often the price I pay to be able to have breakfast early enough to be finished belching and farting before going to work, while doing so also caught up on email.

I suspect the torrent of money is because the rooms are let at cost or lower. Add our reduced group rate, and I'm left wondering what the margin is in these hotels.

Regardless, I'll be headed down for my $25 breakfast of bacon and eggs soon, assuming I can drag my fat bohuncus out of bed.

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