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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Very Googly

Twitter Serves Up Ideas From Its Followers

Twitter is “smart enough, or lucky enough” to let its users create new features for it, says an M.I.T. professor.


First, there's no need for those double quotes in the sentence above the link. If the intent is to give credit to the prof, the terminal phrase does that quite well.

Besides, the statement make perfect sense sans quotes.

Excessively perfect sense.

How often have we watched a handful of otherwise intelligent get together to build a product that the world will want, and then wonder why the world yawned?

I cannot count the number of times, but I know they are all well-described in that book, Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things, reviewed here some year or so ago.

Smart companies often appear to have a talent for doing dumb things. Perhaps even compelling need.

Mostly, I think we all do.

A very few people are smart enough, or more likely sensitive enough, to work in a vacuum and produce a something the world will crave.

We call that having a good idea. Maybe an aha moment.

The rest of us need help. We need people to tell us what they need. We use things like focus groups to figure this out.

Twitter studies tweets. Google studies search patterns. FaceBook studies postings.

And they all make their stuff better usung the information they glean. In turn, our life generally becomes a little better.

Let's get with the program, peeps, and make this world a little better in these small ways.

Doing so is where the smart money hides.

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