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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trending new car finish

Ever wondered what to do with all those bottle caps? Well, here you go. (And I thought using them to pave a dirt drive was the limit.)

A bud suggests this might be the Barrel Monster guy's car.

Front view

Rear view

I suppose the rear doors are off to make up for the weight of all the bottle caps.

The adjacent car carried wisdom.

Not so sure about the terrorist hunting permit.

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The Crow said...

Ooooooo...I rather like the bottle-capped car skin. Looks reptilian!

PS: verification word is 'perpee.' Is there a price in front of that?

Jim Penny said...

About $4.

The Crow said...

I'll catch you next week when I stop laughing!

And here I've been giving it away!