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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duke's mayo saves my lunch

So why does it have to work out this way? There's a fresh pot of yummy Lima beans on the stove ready to go. I already had one bowl. Another would do no harm at all.

Unless you're planning to breathe around me this afternoon.

So what's for late lunch? Two fat free beef dogs with Duke's Mayo on double fiber bread. Yeah, I washed it all down with a large glass of cold buttermilk.

Can I get a yum-yum?

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The Crow said...

Yu-u-mmmm, yummmmmm!

I could go for a cold buttermilk right about now. With a chunk of cornbread.

Double YUMMMM.


Diane Schabinger said...

We are also a Duke's family. Have been for generations.

When my brother was in the Air Force stationed in Alaska, the one thing he requested we send from home was Duke's mayo - there was none to be had up there and nothing came close. So my mom sent him a whole case. But all the jars froze and broke..you can imagine the mess... so he had to wait until he came back to NC.

Now, my question for you - with all the healthy going on there - do you use Duke's full strength or is there some modified kind that we should consider trying.. we've been purists to date. I just go a little lighter on it since it's industrial strength - but the flavor is all there.

Jim Penny said...

I make no sacrifice when it comes to mayo and butter. That mess can happen elsewhere, like maybe with the chitlins and kumquats.

Oh Lord, I'm gonna have to make cornbread for dins now!