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Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I need on a plane

I am a simple man of simple needs. Here's the list from Sky Mall.

Just imagine the looks when I return to the office with laser hair!

Do you know just how many maters you can buy at FoodLion for $80? Yet, more than one has sworn to me about how great this inverted planter is.

Two and a half hours of my life recorded in 320x240 high quality AVI video. I can see the line forming already. A real steal at $200 each. Compatable with Vista. I wish I was.

Perfect for the psycho in your life. Maybe even bend a spoon or two.

As if we weren't geeky enough already, here's a Dick Tracy wrist cell phone. There is no mention of a Moon Maiden or Martian Moon Maggots.

Yeah, it does Bluetooth.

For those unsightly toe tanlines in strappy heels, think the foot tanner! I'm not sure how I've managed so long without one.

From Max-a-Boob...those horizontal stripes can only make you look more endowed.

Perfect for those telecommuting days. Just don't enable the video with Skype. Only $60 for a complete loss of self-respect.

For those meetings that are getting out if hand, bring a little motivation to the recalcitrant SME. Also useful during personnel reviews with Da Man.

The next peep who whacks my shoulder on the way to the pisser is gonna taste this one.

I have needed this for all my life and a day. This could easily be the best part of that story.

From the Michelle Obama collection, we have this one heralding real underwire.

And this one to move the back bulges to the front.

A full body girdle? This thing just has to redefine all day comfort.

And just what every crossdresser and not one GG will want, butt falsies.

He can snore in my bed anytime he wants.

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