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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take three giant steps backwards


You know, with a quarter million queers marching on the nation's capital last Sunday, demanding their civil rights, it just never occurred to me that racial inequality of 40 years past would rear its head just days following.

Silly me.

Here's this magistrate in Lousiana refusing to marry interracial couples because of the children they might make.

Pardon me while I resist the impulse to drive south and pinch his head off.

Would someone please remind him that his job as magistrate is, in part, to marry couples? It is not his job to decide who is worthy, and it is certainly not his job to make the decision based on the supposed social acceptability of the children arising from the union.

Pardon me again: I gotta spit on the ground again.

Who are the straight people making these babies who grow up to be such idjits, and why are these people not being sterilized?

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