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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shannon made me do it

Apparently, cleavage on a plane and gogo boys pole dancing in New York is just a bit too much, and here I am toning down the reporting on my otherwise uneventful world.

I introduce today's lunch.

First, we have the crunchy peanut butter sammich with Duke's Mayo.

Here it is before folding.

Then we fold it over. Yeah, it's a halfer.

Have you ever seen anything more scrumptious?

And then, we wash it all down with cold homecultured buttermilk.

Y'all don't knock the door down scrambling over here to get you some.

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The Crow said...

Well, yeah, but at least you're an equal opportunity cleavage reporter, so I'd cut you some slack, I think.

What my prurient mind wants to know is are those gogo boys attached? And is pole dancing a euphemism here?

I have a feeling these are the sort of questions one shouldn't ask in public, but I want to know. I won't feel slighted, however, if you choose not to answer.


Jim Penny said...

That was my exact question, and I know where my prurient mind came down, though I suspect they were just a little up close and personal, and not actually attached.

Perhaps one day, I'll be close enough to know for sure, but I suspect I'll not be so well undressed at the time.

The Crow said...