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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Russet taters were better two weeks ago

As you might expect from all the tales of tater soup, I had about run through the ten-pound bag of Russet taters that I bought at FoodLion two weeks ago for US$1.99.

In fact, I only had three taters left when I checked this morning.

Add taters to the grocery list.

Imagine my abject shock and misery when I saw the new sign in FoodLion.

Instead of 20 cents a pound, we're up to 70? SMOG!!! Those had better be some danged fine taters. I'll find out towards the end of the week after the next road trip.

I have the sneaking suspicion that it's about time for home fries and Ranch dressing.

However, if the taters get any higher, I will expect sexual favors from the produce manager.

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