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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robertson should cast his vision wider

http://bit.ly/9pgld HuffPost - Christian Broadcasting Writer: Most Halloween Candy "Demonic," "Prayed Over By Witches"

OK, these Christian peeps should think a little deeper.

There's a reason Christmas comes when it comes. Winter solstice. There's a thing about that tree also.

Easter comes when it comes for a reason. And that bunny is a pagan fertility thing.

BTW, the pagans I know are far friendlier than the Christians.

Jesus died at 33. Wanna guess why that number was picked out of the blue? It's not like Jesus left a death certificate. Think numerology. And count some steps in DC at buildings designed by Masons.

Then there's that 40 days and 40 nights thing. Sometimes it's years. Ya think God just liked that number? Some writer steeped in numerology did.

And then we have the little church up in the NC mountains that burns anything that is not King Jimmy's version of the Bible. I'd go watch the Halloween burning except that I'd snark a little at the wrong moment, and they'd throw me on the fire.

The thing is this world had far greater problems than a little Halloween candy, and these stunts only serve to distract the followers from that which should worry them.

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