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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Road hard and put up wet

Same seat. Different plane. This one has WiFi, buy I'm not connected. I'm certain the connection fee would hurt my feelings.

The attendant in first class certainly has his swish on. He's also a gym rat, sorta narrow at the hip and broad of shoulder.

I doubt I can get a pic of him. Of course, he's a little grumpy to those of us I'm roach class. O guess we're not worthy of his queenly attentions.

No can this time. The plane is also not filled. I have never figured out how they decide to leave the can or not.

Unless you order alcohol. Then they leave the can. The thing is that I forgot to refill my water bottle in DFW, and I might just dessicate.

I'll be a dried old fart all too soon.

The officious little twarf did an early trash pickup in roach. I wasn't ready, and he seemed wounded.

They really should put a note in my file for the attendant queens to look after me better. They should also put me in first class where I belong.

Can you imagine how this would sound if I were on Southwest?

OMG! We approached ABQ along with a line of storms. The pilot did a go around. Four times.

Then we flew to El Paso for more fuel. Then back to ABQ.

Some three hours after the initial approach, we have wheels down.

The Evil Empire actually did very well with all this.

I have just had a cow sacrificed for all this. It'll be delivered to my room in about 15 minutes.

I am officially road hard and pit up wet.

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