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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Potato and corn meal soup

We start out with potato soup per usual.

When it's potato soup, we add some corn meal to thicken the liquid. Plain yellow corn meal from Kittrell is what we have this evening.

You can use other corn meal as you choose. Even self-rising corn meal is acceptable.

If you're wondering how much corn meal and how to make the transfer from bag to pot, I do it by pinches, which generally work very well.

Here I'm reaching in for the pinch.

Now, I have the pinch.

Add two or three pinches. Those pinches might be a quarter cup or so.

The meal will form balls in the broth.

Smoosh those little balls with the back of a spook while you're smooshing the tater cubeloids.

Put the cornmeal away, and let the soup sit a few minutes. I keep my meal in the fridge so the bug eggs therein do not hatch.

When you're through smooshing, pour it all into a bowl. Let it sit in the boil a few minutes to cool while the cornmeal becomes one with the tater.

I like a little black pepper on mine.

Time to chow down. Catch you later!

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The Crow said...

I see you like a little soup with your pepper. I'm the same way. Almost cannot have too much pepper, to my taste.

Down home, we used to make fish baits out of cornmeal sprinkled on boiling broth, only we didn't smash 'em. Fish likes it lumpy.


verification word tonight is dialef, as in dial f for fish, I reckon.

Jim Penny said...

Yeppers! The pepper makes up for some of the the salt, which only leads to confabulation with the doc, or in my case, the FNP.

And I, like most people, under estimate the heat in black pepper.