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Friday, October 30, 2009

Overestimation of Richard Burr

Tonight on Tim Boyum's Political Connections on News 14, Tim interviewed Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania.

It'd be hard to find a greater prat.

Normally, I would not bat an eye over the guest. Boyum's coverage is generally fair and well-balanced.

That he's interviewing some republican is also not a concern. I just hope Tim washed up before going home, lest he contaminate the newborn on the house.

What caught my attention was Santorum's laudulation of Richard Burr as the be all and end all of importance in North Carolina and in the US Senate.

I thought I would puke over the abject stink of all the ignorance.

I receive Burr's newsletter by email. It is hard to imagine a greater ignoramous on this continent.

I do so look forward to a new frosh senator from NC next year.

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