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Monday, October 26, 2009

On the road again

Yep, we're back at it again.

Headed to Palm Springs to conduct a modified Angoff passing standard study. Those might be new words for you. If so, we're going to determine what the passing point of an examination is going to be by collecting a whole lot of expert opinion.

Go give Google a twirl, and you'll see more hits than you ever dreamed of.

So we had a 4 am wake up. Yeah, it takes grandpa a while to get going in the morning. Here's the sight that came with my parking space.

I took the picture because there was no way my eyes were going to engage at the literal crack of dawn.

Now the view shifts to a variation on last week's theme.

Those peeps are receiving US$300 vouchers for taking a bump. I doubt they realize that the next plane, mine, is also over booked. It could be a while before they get to where they need to be.

Or they could play the bump game all the way to independent riches. I wonder what the going rate is for these things.

The real kicker is that my flight to Palm Springs cost less than the 300 bucks.

I used to volunteer for those things, but they're a pain to use, and I'm not sure I'd ride a plane to vacation anyway.

Vacation? What's that about?

Pardon. I'm in recovery from a minor heart attack.

The phone power cord wasn't where it usually stays. I had to dig deeper, and I found myself remembering how I removed it from the bag before leaving the house.

I was already to go buy another one.

I remain astounded that there's a market for bottled water. Yet, I contribute to that bottom line with every trip. Airplanes make a dessicating environment, especially in roach class where you're just not going to get much attention.

My last CFO used to have fits when we charged back water. This 700 ml bottle cost about US$2.60.

He didn't spend much time on a plane, and it showed.

All settled into 13D. Refrained from slapping the Type A travelors, though they'd benefit from a little discipline.

Big D! Here we come!

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