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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama at the HRC

During, I found Obama's speech at the HRC banquet moving. I was not alone in that reaction.

Afterward, I found myself thinking that it's time to do more than just make grand speeches to the choir all dressed in suits eating $250 plates of hotel food.

At the moment, I could just spit.

Granted, a sitting president speaking at an HRC event making prime time CNN coverage is some kind of step forward.

Yet, DOMA stands.

The military whines about needing troops all the while discharging known gay and lesbian soldiers.

It's still OK to fire people for expressing a love mainstream can neither accept nor understand.

Inclusive ENDA remains a pipedream.

But the White House did celebrate Pride this year. Queer families rolled Easter eggs. And we do now have an openly gay ambassador (to New Zealand?!).

Forgive me. I'm seeing form over function.

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