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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Note to those who would follow me on Twitter

Anyone and everyone is welcome to follow me on Twitter. The ID is jimpenny if you didn't know. Even the porn sites are free to follow, though I really do question the business model of the straight porn sites that follow me.

Just a note: I am quite unlikely to every click on your porn site addie. I see no reason to give my virus software a challenge. This goes for the gay sites too.

BTW, if you're the site using random letters in your name and using the supposed pic of Brittany blowing some lucky guy, I'm gonna block you at first sight.

Get with the program and LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!!!

Now for the others who would follow. Do no expect a follow back unless your tweets are interesting. If I do decide to follow you, and you fill my Twitter feed with stuff that does not interest me, you'll lose a follower quickly.

It's nothing personal. My life is boring enough as it is. You do not have to add to it.

Note: I do not find the various get rich quick schemes interesting. However, I do find them silly and annoying, and you can brace yourself for mock, scorn, and ridicule once you annoy me, and bear in mind I am very easily annoyed.

Now, let's get out there and play nice.

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