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Friday, October 2, 2009

My white trash lunch

Tum is feeling better, and I'm using the moment to get back to my culinary roots.

The Shell has excellent roller dogs. I get them with saurkraut. The cup has 64 ounces of fountain Diet Coke in it.

The PowerBall ticket is my retirement fund. It'll be worth $193 million late Saturday night. After paying off the bills, I'll have about $20 million to see me through.

A trailer by the river might be in order. Y'all can come visit, and we'll go catfishing.

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The Crow said...

What? No Moon Pie and RC? No five cent bag of Planters in a 10-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola? No chunk of Washington pie washed down with a Ya-Hoo?

Wait...that might only be a New Orleans thing, come to think of it.

Jim Penny said...

With a little looking, we can find those things, except for the Washington pie. I'm thinking the afternoon snack is gonna be a diet coke and peanuts. This'll give the work peeps something to talk about.