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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My spoon

This is the spoon I use for cooking when I don't need the slots. You probably have one that is similar.

The difference here is the story behind this spoon. It's a foundling.

We were fishing at Jordan Lake, doing our usual Sunday afternoon cleanup, and someone, Josh or Lil, found the spoon by the shore, left by the children of another family.

It lived with the fishing gear for a few years, and then moved in here when I came to Raleigh.

It's hard to stir the soup now and not smile over some free-floating memory from those times.

I like that, and this spoon will always have a welcome place in my kitchen.

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The Crow said...

That's a fine lookin' piece of cookin' equipment ya got there, Jim.


Jim Penny said...

Crow, that spoon often makes all the diff.