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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My cup

I drink out of this cup a lot. It's not really a cup; it's more of a glass, if it is made of plastic.

We found this at the lake, the children and I, probably Josh. We went a lot, pretended to fish, and generally farted around for the weekend while the maternal unit took a break that I only later found out that she resented.

Sunday afternoons were packup and cleanup times. We generally gathered trash from the section of the lakeshore where we camped, and that meant finding treasures that others had left.

This cup is one of those treasures. It lived in the fishing gear until I took the current job and the fishing ended.

Now, it's the cup in my cupboard that I take first. Am I living in the past? Probably, a little bit, once in a while, as fingertips touch the worn side with its unreadable script, and the memories from then, good times, flash by.

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