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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The little pot that could

These little one-cup drippers are common in hotels, and they make a decent cup of coffee.

They should, what with all the waste they produce.

There's the plastic bag that keeps the coffee fresh and the little plastic tray that holds the coffee in the pot.

I'll discount the used grounds and paper filter. The worms in the landfill will handle those, I hope.

Of course, there's the dead plastic pot in the landfill forever.

The waxed paper cups might be the least worry here.

Of course, there's very little green in my hotel stays. That pot is only one part. I slept in this bed one night, and I'll leave today.

That means a complete teardown of the room. Sheets. Even the sheets on the other untouched bed. Towels. You name it.

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