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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Levi Johnston trains for Playgirl

I have not picked up a Playgirl magazine in ages, but sheer curiosity might push me over the edge when the Levi Johnston spread rolls out.

So why should the guy who knocked up the daughter of a failed VP candidate make the cut for Playgirl? I have no idea!

There is just no explaining the mental shenigans of marketers. Not that I've ever had many of the good ideas either.

Maybe it his big moose gun.

Times must be hard over at Playgirl, and we read on the net that Levi is working hard, very hard, to earn his place among the Johnsons.

Wait! Did I miss a "t?"

The boy is training with a personal trainer, perhaps even a certified by ACE PT. We could hope.

He spends three hours a day in the gym as the trainer seeks to get him ready for the photo shoot. Smaller waist. Tighter abs. More defined shoulders. A sock in his draws.

Think 3500 calories and moose meat every day.

My question is will Falcon Studios offer a film contract after the Playgirl spread is over. The answer is a resounding "no," but a girl can still dream.

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