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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let's take this one step further

http://bit.ly/2kOcR3 HuffPost - Colorado Town Pushes To Legalize Marijuana

So a town wants to legalize pot. Cool. I'm not sure how a locality can override state and federal law, but I can live with that ambiguity.

What I suggest is that all the illegal drugs become legal. Sell them as you would alcohol.

These drugs are cheap to make. They would be equally cheap to sell. Or let the market do it's thing with whatever drug it is, just as rum distillers work to separate themselves from one another.

What we get is the instant loss of crime. Mexico and South America would love us, as the drug lords watch their empires fall. Afganistan would need a real crop.

Those guys would need to find honest labor. No one in Johnston County would be at risk from an exploding meth lab, much less that nasty cleanup.

We might have a few more of the citizenry hopped up on something, but I doubt it, at least after the novelty wore off. We certainly don't see that with alcohol.

More to the point, with the conservation of resources now that most of the crime is gone, we can focus on some better problems, say poverty and health care and education.

The list of where we need to focus our efforts is long.

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