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Friday, October 30, 2009

LBJ cried

http://bit.ly/15KqB1 HuffPost - A New Wrinkle In The JFK Assassination Story

So what's the deal? I am without doubt that LBJ could cry, and the moments after the Kennedy assination would be a prime opportunity to shed a few tears.

Yeah, I am willing to believe that Lyndon weeped in the airplane bathroom on Love Field. Afterwards, I'm sure he lined up political bohuncuses to kick across the Patomic.

However, none of this is important. What's important is the continued example of how a lack of transparency leads to uncountable conspiracy theories.

Mind you, I do not expect the US government to become transparent overnight or even over the next century.

To do so, however, would create a far stronger government. Think Google as a government.

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