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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's been so long

As you might know, today was grocery day. And laundry. And vacuum. And email.

Among several other things of extreme importance, the deities in charge required that I buy some healing bacon.

The thing is that most bacon hurts my feelings at checkout. However, the collected ends and pieces work very well.

I like my bacon thick and chewy. When I cook it over a campfire, I eat it once the fat is translucent, much to the culinary dismay of my camping companions.

What I'm looking forward to is a couple or three eggs fried in the bacon grease, served up as a sammich with brown mustard and Duke's mayo. Or maybe straight up with biscuits.

Now, that's a something to live for!

That'll be sometime toward Thursday. Come a'runnin'!

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