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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is idiocy required for admission?

From the HuffPo: Lesbian High School Student Told She Can't Wear Tuxedo In Yearbook

Yes, I know the HuffPo redefines what makes news reporting. Get over it.

Hear we have a woman in high school. She's a known, out and about lesbian, and she wants to wear a tux to the high school pic event for the yearbook.

So far, we have a big ol' yawn.

But wait, the high school admins rear their brain-deprived heads to catch our attention. What do they say?

She may not wear a tux.

Might a dinner jacket do?

To quote Bugs Bunny, what a bunch of maroons! Just who is training these people to run our high schools? Is idiocy required for admission?

It's a frickin' yearbook, people, not the Lamb's Book of Life. Even if it were, there is nothing wrong with a tux on any gender, and a tux is a danged sight better than the "I boffed Bill" that I might have worn.

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