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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The important part

I'm in the middle of an elaborate and well-staged research planning event. I did not see the erstwhile problem that someone else saw in this sign. That missing letter appears to have had no effect on the course or efficiency of the work here.

The thing us that we cannot have perfection unless we are willing to settle for mediocre. A good many people would do well to think about the dysfunction and paralysis that a preoccupation with surface feature perfection brings.

I'm not suggesting the we just slop it out there, unless we're feeding hogs It's more about balance. Where do we draw that line, and what do we sacrifice by drawing it there?

It still made me giggle though. You know a hundred eyes saw that copy before it went to the printer.

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Diane Schabinger said...

Sometimes I think having many people proof something is worse than having a few. When everyone knows that others are proofing, most don't really look that closely - assuming someone else will. Of course I could be wrong.. but good proof readers are hard to find...

The Crow said...