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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Imagine that! Quiet cars might be a prob.

From The New York Times:

Hybrid Cars May Include Fake Vroom for Safety

Makers of hybrid and electric vehicles are working to let them emit sounds, so people can hear them approaching.


OK, I get it. I can no longer lose myself in a walk because I might be hit by a silent car.

Heaven forbid I use my sense of sight.

Peeps! Think about it. You're already plugged in with all those portable music things. You haven't heard a bird tweet in ages, much less a car v'room.

SMOG! Make them all silent. We can deal with the potential ER consequences later.

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Diane Schabinger said...

I see several vision impaired people walking around here. One impressed me very much by getting off the bus and crossing a VERY busy and dangerous road. I would not be brave enough to try and my vision is mostly working.

But I've thought about those people who cannot see and still must deal with traffic and drivers paying more attention to their cell phone conversation AND now the cars that make little to no sound as they whisk on by. Don't they or didn't they used to make a little whistle kind of thing that when placed on the outside of the car, it would make a sound I think to help animals know something dangerous was approaching - maybe the such could be modified and used now? or tie a few of Jim's tin cans on the back of em.

Jim Penny said...

Social Services owns several of the apartments here, and then rents them to sight-impaired people. What those peeps can do is simply amazing.

Perhaps all intersections should have crosswalks. Of course, that suggests the streets have sidewalks, and that's rare in Raleigh. Walking along the street here is risky business even for the sighted.

The can thing sounds best. Should I start saving my beer cans?