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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I was so wrong

Recent tweet from GAYTWOGETHER:
Fugitive caught after updating his status on Facebook - http://ow.ly/utae

OK. I thought our good friends over at Amazing Grace Baptist Church had claimed today's cake. Nope. I'm moving the cake over to this young man.

Why? As a fugitive of the law, he documents his life on the lam in Mexico, clubbing the night away, all on freakin' Facebook!

SMOG! Could he at least have adopted a new persona? Could he have at least altered his appearance?


He's gotta whoop it up for all the world to see. And the Justice Department.

Wonder if he bothered to check the extradition treaty. We'll go with an "Oh, hell no" on that one.

The boy is now a ward of the state.

Maybe I should start a consultancy on how to fade away.

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