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Friday, October 16, 2009

I might have a new fave restaurant

Porter's position as my fave could be in jeopardy. After 30 years, I have found the Morrisville Café.

Think the Whistlestop Café from Fried Green Tomatos. You won't be far from right.

I arrived early, and sat at the bar with some coffee while waiting for the crew.

I swilled coffee while listening to a spirited conversation about divirticulitis. The poor thing can no longer eat tomatos or okra.

When the crew arrived, we retired to the side room, ordered, and took turns passing the food through the window.

We also had Halloween decorations.

I had the hamburger steak plate. It was scrumptious. I used to get this at Stephenson's BBQ near McGee's Crossroads when my parents splurged and ate out.

The slaw was perfectly done.

The fries were just like Mama used to thaw, large, wavy, and very likely cooked in lard.

I could have eaten the whole bag.

Pretty much, everything on the menu is comfort food, and you'd have a hard time spending ten bucks in there.

You'd certainly leave stuffed if you did.

The sanitation rating was 95, and it's cash only.

I'll be back sooner than later, but I'm thinking somehow we gotta slip breakfast in there. Breakfast done here must be something like we just can't find anymore.

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