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Friday, October 23, 2009

Heaven next to the Café

As you might know, I've become a serious fan of the Morrisville Café. That woman with the blue-purple eye shadow cooks for me. I ate there today with a colleague.

When we parked, we knew we were in the right place as we cast our gaze across the parking lot.

Think 1971 Riviera.

And from the front

I could get used to driving that car. I doubt I'd care to feed it, though, and I'm sure the lack of fuel injection would challenge the religion I don't have very quickly.

Here's what I need.

There were another half dozen models there. Don't sweat the selection for my birthday. Any little thing there will be just fine.

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The Crow said...

"Think 1971 Riviera."

Isn't that the car the Devil drove down to Georgia?


Jim Penny said...

Well, I don't know. The car has an evil look about it, especially with the protruding grill. It could have worked well in a SyFy flick about a possessed car.