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Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting there

We're getting there. My first boil in over 35 years is about gone. For a while, I thought I had a good case of MRSA.

Well, my detractors could hope.

Oddly, it's in about the same place as the one from the spring of 1974, which I attribute directly to taking differential equations.

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The Crow said...

There are furuncles and there are carbuncles, and it looks like you had the latter. (I knew that stuff I learned in Corps School would come in handy someday.)

Not that you asked, but a furuncle is a boil with one head. A carbuncle, on the other hand, is a boil with multiple heads - yours had two.

Looks like you are healing nicely. The way the wound is granulating in suggests you might have an interesting scar for your troubles.

I'll send you my bill...or you can pay me in eggs, if that's easier.


Jim Penny said...

Carbuncle is the word the folks back home would have used. That second head appeared late in it's unfortunate life. The hot waterboarding did the trick, but I give more credit to the triple antibiotic ointment.


The Crow said...

Itching, in this case (as you likely well know) is a good thing!

Scratching, on the other hand, especially in public, probably not so much.

Be well, friend.


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