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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For those of you who worry

Elbow boil is about gone. It itches a lot. I don't scratch it when I'm thinking. Scratching hurts. Hot water boarding and antibiotic creams have done their magic.

You really have to wonder how pre-real-medicine peeps ever survived.

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The Crow said...

Well, it looks better...sorta. That's a honking huge crater there, Jim! You gonna plant something in it?

Glad you are doing better.


Jim Penny said...

I was thinking MRSA for a while. Now, I'm thinking it'll be good for a spare carry-on with the planes.

The Crow said...

I've gotta stop reading your responses until my bladder gets stronger!


Jim Penny said...

Crow, you are often the reason I arise in the morning.