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Friday, October 9, 2009

Flying American

We just cleared 10,000 feet, looped over Morrisville, turned to put the sun in my eyes, and now we're headed to DC. Does it get any better?

The attendant on this flight did not learn English in an English-speaking household. He's also one handsome darkskinned man. Sweet too, as he left me with the can if Diet Pepsi and a smile.

I snooked a bit of a picture of him.

And another with his head removed.

If we were one micron bigger, he could not work on this plane.

The man next to me is Soduku-ing. I have never understood this form of mental illness. At least, he's drinking Chivas between bouts of PICKING HIS NOSE, and flicking the boogers in the aisle!

Shouldn't this guy be on a Southwest plane? He had danged-well better NOT be headed to the NE March unless it's to protest.

I'll get a booger pick if I can.

But for now, you'll have to settle for clouds instead of boogers. It'll be raining soon, probably just in time to muss my do for work.

The descent has started. It takes 30 minutes to get one of these planes down. Better slam down my Pepsi. Note the lack of alcohol. I am so good.

They can bring these planes down in ten minutes, but it's one bumpy ride. I know this because I once landed that way in New Mexico when a fellow died on the plane, a most inconsiderate act.

Someone farted a cantaloupe on the way down. I'm sure that was illegal.

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Diana said...

American just does not treat you well. Did anyone dare recline their seat in front of you?

Jim Penny said...

No one dared lay a head in my lap, this time. Go figure. Maybe it was the booger flicking.

Lucy said...

Shame to waste a good booger...