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Friday, October 9, 2009

Feets secure in BWI

I just cleared TSA at Concourse B at BWI. The line was long, but it moved faster than expected. Of course, I deliberately chose the line with the fewer obvious newbies.

Along the stroll through the ropes, I studied the repeated promo signs from the TSA. The message was identical to the last, but the pictures changed, showing how the 20 layers of security (their description) was made from all kinds of people doing all kinds of important jobs.

I'm sure, and pigs fly, too. I might have preferred a few winged pigs.

What they're doing is drawing a salary that is a tax on the flying public, while presenting the delusion of security as drafted by the policy wonks and drones of homeland security.

What we really have is yet another layer in our defeat by the terrorists, as they slowly transform the American public into the model of docility.

Don't believe it? Act out a little in that line, and watch what happens.

Those 20 layers of security are at most a single ply generic tissue, and about as useful. Yet, we believe it because the signs tell us so.

Here's how you tell we're being presented with a steaming load of bovine defecate.

Approach security with a bottle of water. Left them confiscate this litre of dangerous liquid before the Republic is destroyed.

Now watch what the agent does with the contraband.

Yep. Thump. Whimp. Tossed in the bin with all the other dangerous materials.

If they thought there was a danger presented, don't you think the disposal protocol would be a little more thought out?

Folks, we're playing charades here.

Now watch me be selected in about an hour for some special pre-boarding attention.

PS: I had to post this from RDU. AT&T does not have enough signal at B3 in BWI to use.

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