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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feets not asleeps

Feets crashed at 9:30 last night. They awoke at 1:30 am today. I do not know why. An hour later, they're still watching the Weather Channel.

They want to go for a run, but they forget what happens when they just walk. Besides, I really don't want to discuss it with the police so early in the morning.

So what to do? Pour another screwdriver? Bloody Mary? Surely, there's a limit there. Will I meet it?

I probably already have.

Maybe I should just drink the Koolaide. Wait! I am already. Buttermilk? Late night or early morning turkey burger? They're seasoned for beef lovers.

Does Texas Pete count at 2 am?

When did I become a beef lover, aside from that man thing? Besides, we both know it's really the Duke's mayo that trips my trigger.

All white and creamy

Maybe it's time to go back to my roots and just focus on the mayo sandwiches.

It'll be cold and rainy soon. I'll be having decent BBQ for lunch. Maybe that's why I'm up so early. Trying to get the jump on the lunch crowd.

Doubt it.

I'm just a poorly aging fart who doesn't yet know his place in this world.

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